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Games on Saturday, October 14, 2017
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Points/Game23.8Sasa Avramovic, Iskra Svit
Rebounds/Game12.4Brandon Holcomb, Zu Zilina
Assists/Game8.8Jaytornah Wisseh, Prievidza
Steals/Game4.0Doug Brooks, Handlová
Efficiency20.6Pavol Losonsky, Iskra Svit
Minutes/Game38.5Boban Tomic, Rieker Com Therm Komarno
Field Goal Percentage80.0Stanislav Baldovsky, Košice
3-Point Percentage100.0Ivan Zidzik, Košice
Free Throw Percentage375.0Michal Podhorsky, VSEMvs Karlovka Bratislava
Points/40 Min30.8Pavol Losonsky, Iskra Svit
Rebounds/40 Min17.8Martin Bizub, Iskra Svit
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