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Games on Sunday, June 18, 2017
Player Leaderboard
Points/Game21.0Darrin Govens, Falco Szombathely
Rebounds/Game9.0Matt Tiby, Atomerőmű
Assists/Game8.2Manny Ubilla, Zalakeramia ZTE
Steals/Game2.1Parish Petty, Egis Körmend, Brent Arrington, Jászberényi, Marko Boltic, SZTE-Szedeák
Efficiency16.5Darrin Govens, Falco Szombathely
Minutes/Game37.8Darrin Govens, Falco Szombathely, Ivan Lilov, SZTE-Szedeák
Field Goal Percentage80.7Tamas Harazin, Pécsi
3-Point Percentage64.3Matija Poscic, MAFC Budapest
Free Throw Percentage100.06 tied
Points/40 Min28.1Andrija Bojic, Jászberényi
Rebounds/40 Min14.9Ryan Watkins, Atomerőmű
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