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Since 2007, we've helped league offices, journalists, scouts and researchers with innovative subscription services. We started as "Basketball State" but we have 16 different vertical subsites now for hoops, hardball and hockey. We compile standard and advanced stats, ratings, rankings, news and social media on 3,648 teams and 210,546 players in 289 leagues worldwide.

Global ELO.

We calculate running ELO ratings for 3,648 teams worldwide, and provide win probabilities for hundreds of games each day. You can check on how ELO-based forecasts stack up against our in-house data-driven score predictor, as well as versus traditional money lines and spreads.

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Visualize efficiency.

View beautiful ranking visualizations of hundreds of team and player stat categories. We put games played on the X-axis, stat values on the Y. Our rankings include leaders for teams, leagues, college class years, even nationality. Easily see who's excelling, and who's doing so most efficiently.

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Raw data.

The National Statistical API offers REST-ful access to the underlying data that drives our website. Sixteen endpoints, millions of data points. For simpler needs, all our subscriptions come with one-click web data export in five spreadsheet-ready formats.

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Social streaming.

Our revolutionary Social Stream puts posts in one place. We monitor and index over 7,000 team and player Twitter and Instagram feeds. Get a new perspective on past games with Social Replay: scroll through high-quality verified team and player posts, without all the timeline fan chatter.

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Everything in one box.

Our detailed boxscores help you understand more quickly and easily what happened in the game. Everything is on one simple page: in-game stats, info, play by play, news links, social content and more.

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