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Since 2007, we've helped league offices, journalists, scouts and researchers with innovative subscription services. We started as "Basketball State" but offer 16 different vertical subsites now: hoops, hardball and hockey. We compile stats, news and social media on 2,895 teams and 209,529 players in 218 leagues worldwide.

Watch your watchlist.

You can track players and teams and keep tabs on their progress. Create lists of scouting targets or fantasy players. Do a quick check of their last game, see when they'll be in action next. Quickly compare, sort and export stats.

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All the news you need.

Every day, we collect and curate over 500 articles, blogs and reports from over 30,000 sources around the web. We tag them by team, league and player. We make them searchable and accessible by RSS feeds. So that you can stay informed on exactly what you need to stay informed on.

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Stats for breakfast.

Get an overview of your tracked players and teams with a daily email. It includes statlines from players who were in action yesterday, alerts on today's games, as well as bite-sized statistical insights. It's sent to you every morning at 6 AM ET when there are games to report.

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From top to bottom.

National Statistical's Team and Player Context Ratings are logical, extensible, and simple enough for non-stat geeks to understand. Best value in a criterion gets 100 points, worst gets zero, 50 is the league average. Each column is weighted, then everything is totaled up and sorted from No. 1 to last place.

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Roll your own ratings.

League, Sport and Site Pass holders can create their own ratings systems. Weight criteria the way you think they should be weighted. Test your hypotheses. Create as many different player and team ratings systems as you like. The sliders give you over 10 hexillion potential combinations.

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Everything in one box.

Our detailed boxscores help you understand more quickly and easily what happened in the game. Everything is on one simple page: in-game stats, info, play by play, news links and social content.

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Social streaming.

Our revolutionary Social Stream puts posts in one place. We monitor and index over 7,000 team and player Twitter and Instagram feeds. Get a new perspective on past games with Social Replay: scroll through high-quality verified team and player posts, without all the timeline fan chatter.

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Visualize efficiency.

View beautiful ranking visualizations of hundreds of team and player stat categories. We put games played on the X-axis, stat values on the Y. Our rankings include leaders for teams, leagues, college class years, even nationality. Easily see who's excelling, and who's doing so most efficiently.

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