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NameGamesLast GameAvg Fouls (Rk)Diff (Rk)
Isaac Barnett179/3/2017Seattle at Chicago39.18 (4)-0.59 (9)
Tiffany Bird259/12/2017Phoenix at Los Angeles38.40 (11)-1.12 (15)
Sue Blauch3310/4/2017Los Angeles at Minnesota36.91 (20)-0.67 (11)
Eric Brewton269/29/2017Minnesota at Los Angeles38.12 (14)-1.81 (22)
Fatou Cissoko189/3/2017Atlanta at Phoenix39.17 (5)-0.61 (10)
Tiara Cruse229/6/2017Dallas at Washington39.05 (7)-0.77 (13)
Tony Dawkins209/3/2017New York at Dallas38.50 (10)-1.60 (19)
J.B. DeRosa189/12/2017Washington at Minnesota35.89 (29)0.00 (4)
Cheryl Flores259/24/2017Los Angeles at Minnesota39.52 (2)-1.68 (20)
Maj Forsberg2510/1/2017Minnesota at Los Angeles38.24 (12)-0.72 (12)
Janetta Graham198/30/2017Minnesota at Indiana36.16 (27)-1.74 (21)
Tim Greene209/6/2017Dallas at Washington38.65 (8)-0.25 (7)
Roy Gulbeyan3010/4/2017Los Angeles at Minnesota38.03 (15)-0.10 (5)
Donald Hudson189/2/2017San Antonio at Indiana39.83 (1)-3.28 (28)
Daryl Humphrey209/3/2017New York at Dallas39.10 (6)-3.40 (29)
Byron Jarrett2710/4/2017Los Angeles at Minnesota39.44 (3)-1.22 (16)
Katie Lukanich179/1/2017Atlanta at Los Angeles36.88 (21)-1.59 (18)
Tom Mauer148/20/2017Washington at Indiana37.21 (18)1.21 (1)
Thomas Nunez239/14/2017Phoenix at Los Angeles38.61 (9)-3.83 (30)
Tom Nunez15/14/2017Dallas at Phoenix38.00 (-)-2.00 (-)
Brenda Pantoja118/1/2017New York at San Antonio35.36 (30)-3.18 (27)
Randy Richardson149/2/2017San Antonio at Indiana37.50 (16)-1.07 (14)
Natalie Sago168/23/2017Seattle at Atlanta36.19 (25)1.06 (2)
Aaron Smith19/26/2017Los Angeles at Minnesota38.00 (-)-4.00 (-)
Billy Smith2710/1/2017Minnesota at Los Angeles36.30 (23)-0.30 (8)
Jeffrey Smith259/12/2017Phoenix at Los Angeles36.56 (22)-2.08 (24)
Kevin Sparrock169/1/2017San Antonio at New York36.19 (26)0.56 (3)
Jonathan Sterling169/3/2017Washington at Minnesota36.12 (28)-1.88 (23)
Karleena Tobin178/27/2017Minnesota at Los Angeles37.41 (17)-2.35 (25)
Vladimir Voyard189/14/2017Washington at Minnesota37.11 (19)-2.44 (26)
Kurt Walker3010/1/2017Minnesota at Los Angeles38.17 (13)-1.23 (17)
Jeff Wooten259/24/2017Los Angeles at Minnesota36.20 (24)-0.20 (6)
More Info & Glossary
Avg Fouls: Average numbers of fouls for both teams in which the official worked Diff: (Home Fouls-Visitor Fouls)/Non-Neutral Games
10 games required for ranking

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