Summit Record Breakdown

Record D1 Non-D1 L10 RPI Conf Post Home Road Neutral 1-25 26-50 51-100 101-150 151-200 201+
South Dakota8-37-31-07-3820-00-04-02-32-00-10-11-01-12-03-0
North Dakota State7-46-41-07-32480-00-03-13-21-10-00-11-10-00-04-2
Fort Wayne7-64-63-06-42500-00-06-11-50-00-10-10-00-00-04-4
South Dakota State6-65-61-04-61790-00-05-01-60-00-10-10-10-10-15-0
Oral Roberts4-51-53-04-51880-00-04-00-50-00-00-10-30-00-01-1
North Dakota4-72-72-03-72400-00-02-01-61-10-00-00-50-01-11-1
Western Illinois2-61-61-02-63110-00-01-31-30-00-00-00-10-00-31-2

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