Ivy Vidiprinter

2 games on November 11    0 in progress
Ago Score Status Situation
22h 45m WF 65 COLU 63FinalGame is over.
22h 45m HARV 67 UME 46FinalGame is over.
23h 39m COLU 63 WF 632H 0:15Leading Scorers: COLU M. Smith 23 WF C. Brown 20
23h 45m COLU 63 WF 612H 0:46Leading Scorers: COLU M. Smith 23 WF C. Brown 18
23h 51m WF 57 COLU 552H 2:36Leading Scorers: COLU M. Smith 15 WF C. Brown 16
23h 51m HARV 63 UME 462H 2:47
1d WF 52 COLU 442H 6:20Leading Scorers: COLU M. Smith 11 WF C. Brown 16
1d HARV 56 UME 462H 6:34
1d 6m WF 43 COLU 422H 9:19Leading Scorers: COLU M. Smith 9 WF C. Brown 16
1d 6m HARV 52 UME 422H 8:55
1d 15m COLU 39 WF 362H 11:17Leading Scorers: COLU M. Smith 9 WF C. Brown 13
1d 15m HARV 44 UME 392H 12:45
1d 21m COLU 39 WF 342H 13:07Leading Scorers: COLU M. Smith 9 WF C. Brown 11
1d 21m UME 39 HARV 392H 14:35
1d 29m COLU 32 WF 322H 15:59Score by half: COLU 25-7 WF 26-6
1d 29m UME 38 HARV 372H 16:44Score by half: UME 31-7 HARV 30-7
1d 29m BRY 82 CORN 81FinalGame is over.
1d 42m BRY 82 CORN 782H 0:11
1d 48m WF 26 COLU 25Halftime
1d 48m UME 31 HARV 30Halftime
1d 48m BRY 80 CORN 752H 0:27
1d 54m WF 26 COLU 251H 0:01Leading Scorers: COLU C. Shockley-Okeke 7 WF C. Brown 7
1d 54m UME 27 HARV 261H 2:26
1d 54m BRY 77 CORN 732H 2:25

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