Big West Tempo-Free Aerial

ConferenceOverallLast Game
Cal Poly (6-23, 6-23)0.96131.135736.843.00.95641.101766.671.0@ UCSB0309L, 92-821.09331.1795
Cal State Fullerton (16-18, 16-18)1.00000.958433.432.50.99060.987171.667.7@ CSUB0321L, 66-580.87880.9167
Cal State Northridge (13-21, 13-21)1.04881.061335.435.61.03421.074476.577.3 UVU0319L, 84-921.05001.1358
Hawaii (18-13, 18-13)1.07131.025637.836.21.04961.007072.364.6v LBSU0314L, 68-660.97061.0462
Long Beach State (15-19, 15-19)1.02011.042735.835.90.98681.038274.972.8v UCI0315L, 67-750.94371.0417
UC Davis (11-20, 11-20)0.99360.998235.135.20.95321.010165.764.6v CSF0314L, 71-750.94671.0135
UC Irvine (31-6, 31-6)1.10140.913232.327.31.06110.926372.262.2v ORE0324L, 54-730.87101.2586
UC Riverside (10-23, 10-23)1.00681.117131.435.01.00281.084065.264.5v UCI0314L, 44-630.72131.0328
UC Santa Barbara (22-10, 22-10)1.05011.007435.433.81.08551.008473.463.6v CSF0316L, 64-580.90631.0323

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