Nippon Professional Baseball

Games on Friday, September 20, 2019
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ELO Ratings
1. Seibu 1343   2. SoftBank 1337   3. Yomiuri 1311   4. Rakuten 1307   5. Lotte 1293   ...   Full Chart
Team Context Ratings
1. Yomiuri 598.70   2. Seibu 564.70   3. Rakuten 556.80   4. SoftBank 551.80   5. Lotte 431.20   ...   Full Chart
Seiya Suzuki (HIR) is ranked third in NPB in walk percentage with 0.227
Brandon Laird (CLM) is ranked No. 2 in NPB in slugging percentage (.800)
Sachiya Yamasaki (ORX) is ranked third in NPB in WHIP with 0.600
Yuki Yanagita (SOF) is currently second in NPB with batting average (.423)
Tetsuto Yamada (YAK) ranks first in NPB in walks (22)
Yota Kyoda (CHU) is tied for first in NPB in sacrifices with four
Hiroshima has hit five home runs in its last five games
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