Frequently Asked Questions


I paid for a subscription, but I can't access the site.

Sorry to hear that. Please use our contact form to get in touch with our new and improved support desk, and please make sure you have natstat.com and zendesk.com whitelisted in your email client (or check your spam folders for a reply). Otherwise, it might be difficult to get back to you.

Why has the site changed so much in the past few years?

Basketball State opened in 2007, and its infrastructure was originally created to serve only college basketball stats, so the site did not age or adapt well to advances in technology. Expansion into other sports had become impossible. So during the spring and summer of 2016, the site was rebuilt from the ground up to simplify, streamline and remove the accumulated clutter of a full decade of use. We relaunched with a "2.0" version that includes baseball in May 2017.

I can’t log into my Basketball State, Women’s Basketball State or Basketball Nation account.

You've been a customer for a long time, thank you for your continued support. If you were not able to apply transaction credit in 2016 after our crash, contact our support desk.

What happened to Basketball State, Women’s Basketball State and Basketball Nation, and why were the sites down during March 2016?

On February 29, 2016, the company that had hosted our websites, databases and backups since 2007 suddenly disappeared from its Miami location, knocking us and hundreds of other customers offline. We are continuing to pursue this matter legally, and apologize for all inconveniences suffered by our customers because of this.

Because of our company’s unique datasets, the story received coverage in ESPN’s Five Thirty Eight and Forbes. We relaunched in May 2016 under National Statistical, the name of our parent company since 2014.


What is “National Statistical”?

National Statistical has been the name of Basketball State’s parent company since 2013, and our websites have been rebranded to allow more expansion into different sports in the future.

Your website during the 2016-17 was terrible and hard to navigate.

We know. We fixed it.


Where did [page] go?

When we began in 2007, many of its features were considered novel and unique. Over the years, much of this information has been replicated and distributed via outlets like Wikipedia, the NCAA's new website and Google News, and it no longer makes sense to charge money for them. If we have discontinued a feature that you like, we apologize but are confident that you will be able to find the information you are looking elsewhere, for free.

How can I make a watch list and track players and teams?

Click on the symbols in any player list on the site to add them to a custom list for scouting, watch-list or fantasy purposes. You can view, sort, split and export stats for your chosen players and teams in the account section, and opt-in to receive alerts at 6 AM ET when there are relevant games.


When is game data available?

Pro league boxscores and play-by-play are usually posted within a half-hour of the final buzzer. College basketball scores for larger conferences are available in the same timeframe, though smaller conferences might take more time. In some cases, small-conference data may be delayed up to one day due to data collection issues on press row. Stat grids and tables are updated daily around 3 AM ET.

Is play-by-play data available for all games?

Basketball play-by-play data is available for all U.S. pro games and large-conference college men's games. Baseball play-by-play data is available for MLB and MiLB, and around 80% of college games.

I found some incorrect or incomplete data on the site..

Please check our Database Status page for a list of known boxscore issues first. If the issue you found isn't included there, let us know with the contact form.

I have a data export account, but I can't export data.

We're aware of the recurring website issues that prevented data exports from downloading properly during the 2016-17 season. We've credited 2016-17 export accounts with 2017-18 access, and sent messages to affected customers to the last known email addresses (generally the ones attached to PayPal accounts). If you didn't receive a message or don't believe you've been credited properly, please contact our support desk and we'll manually credit your account.