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London Lightning

Team Context Rating

Win %: ( pts * 1.1) - Opp W%: ( pts * .8)
Opp Opp W%: ( pts * .6) - Pythag W%: ( pts * .9)
Road W%: ( pts * 1.2) - Point Differential: ( pts * 1.1)
Efficiency: ( pts * 1.2) - Defense: ( pts * 1)
Scoring Balance: ( pts * .4) - Luck: ( pts * .3)
League Factor:
Total Points:
London is .850 (17-3) in its last 20 games
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CAN: National Basketball League
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Header image via: @LondonLightning

Team Context Ratings are based on an aggregate of points based on multiple criteria. For each criterion the best value is given 100 points, the least value 0 points, and values in between are awarded points on a percentile basis (50 points represents continental average). Each criteria is weighted (multiplied by 0 to 2.0) and then sum-totaled. The point total is multiplied a league factor (.5 to 1.0) based on relative quality of play.

League: League abbreviation, LgRk: League rank, Rec: Team record, Points: Aggregate TCR points, Win %: Win Percentage, Opp W%: Opponent win percentage, Opp Opp W%: Opponents' opponent win percentage, Pythag W%: Pythagorean/"expected" win %, Road W%: Road Win Percentage, Pt Diff: Average point differential in games, Efficiency: Points per possession, Sc Balance: Scoring balance (20 - average scoring impact % of team players), Luck: Pythag W% - Win Pct, LgFactor: League quality factor

Weights: Win %: 1.1, Opp W%: .8, Opp Opp Win%: .6, Pythag W%: .9, Road W%: 1.2, Pt Diff: 1.1, Efficiency: 1.2, Defense: 1, ScBalance: .4, Luck: .3

Learn more about how Team Context Ratings work.

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